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OUR VISION: We nurture individuals to realise their potential.

OUR MISSION: We at Sekolah Menengah (Swasta) Saleha Genting Highlands, and, Highlands International Boarding School are committed to provide a balanced, all round education through a culture of quality, nurturance and teamwork

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Looking for an amazing school with all the qualities of a classic British Boarding school? Sekolah Menengah (Swasta) Saleha Genting Highlands, and, Highlands International Boarding School are definitely the right choices. We are focused on grooming each and every student with the " Highlander Spirit". Pave the way for your child to be a truly outstanding individual in society. Browse our website for details and information.


The Association for the Promotion of Higher Education in Malaysia (APHEM) was founded in 1968 with the aim of establishing Junior Colleges in Malaysia. The founder, Dr Thio Chan Bee, a schoolmaster himself, envisaged the role of education as an ideal medium for promoting, instilling and practicing goodwill and co-operation among young Malaysians.

Alongside his vision was his concern for youths to better themselves. With the express aim of enhancing the individual's lot and the nation's well being, APHEM launched the 'Dr Thio Chan Bee Scholarship Awards'. Recipients were mainly undergraduate students from economically poor backgrounds. Nearly 400 students benefited from these awards. APHEM disbursed about RM3.8 million for this program.

The Scholarship programme was followed up by the setting-up of a local school (SMS SALEHA) in 1999 followed by Highlands International Boarding School in 2008 to meet the needs of international education in Malaysia. Our philosophy is to inculcate the spirit of goodwill within our learning community. To this end the school is committed to creating a learning community that values the uniqueness of the individual and his/her contribution towards the enhancement of others in the global community.


The High Table Annual Dinner was held at the Genting View Resort on the 14th November 2009. It was jointly organized by the Parent Teachers Association.

The event was indeed a success. Our students had the opportunity to dine in its true English formal dinner setup with different sets of cutlery and atmosphere. The dinner started off with the High Table Ceremony headed by our school captain Goh Kiat Min as the Presiding Officer.

Our Guest of Honor was his honourable Dato Dr. Ng Keong Chai, the elected representative of the district of Ketari. In his speech he praised the school for emphasizing the importance of a well rounded education. Besides nurturing students to excel academically, students should also develop skills in games, music and activities.

We were motivated by his story where he mentioned about an eagle which was raised in a chicken farm. The eagle only knew how to survive like a chicken. The eagle never learns to fly nor hunt for food. All he knew was to fight for food thrown to them or scratch the earth looking for bits of food. Finally the eagle died without realizing he was an eagle.

This story reminds us of our founder Dr. Teoh Chan Bee who in his book mentioned ‘Birds without wings cannot fly, students without ambition cannot rise’.


Finding the right school for each student and family can be a daunting task. For some, boarding school seems like the right choice, but questions and misconceptions about boarding schools still linger. Outdated notions of boarding schools as places for “problems kids” are thankfully becoming a thing of the past (in truth, many of today’s best and brightest students now choose to attend boarding schools). And while different schools certainly cater to different needs and ambitions, in all you will find a community of students, parents and educators committed to inspiring and teaching young men and women.

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Students who have achieved Academic and Co-curricular Excellence (ACE) are encouraged to apply for the ‘ ACE ’ Scholarship Awards based on their forecast school results. These scholarships valued at RM10,000 each will be awarded to successful UPSR candidates for 3 years and PMR candidates for 2 years respectively who meet the criteria and who enrol to study at SM(S) Saleha, Genting Highlands, following their UPSR and PMR results. Applications forms can be downloaded from the school’s website at

Download application form here


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